The first is very special. Not needed to be good enough, but yes, the first one of anything is very special.

I was in class 10 and there was a poem in English textbook ‘The Frog and the Nightingale’. After the poem was explained, we were given a task to write a similar poem. It wasn’t compulsory, and that meant that not many of my classmates would be doing it, so I took the challenge for myself. After some effort, I was able to transcribe my story into a short poem. But the next day, our teacher seemed to forget about that, so it never come out in public.

But now, I finally bring out to you, My First Poem.

[It was my first poem, so please bear me if you don’t like it.]


-Ayush Agrawal

The hungry frog,

Searching food in the bingle bog.

Two clever flies,

Searching for a fool for pass time.

The frog saw those two prey,

And the flies saw a fool to prey.

The frog tried to check out his fate,

But was unable to catch out the two cunning braves.

The unknown flies for this setting,

Tried to speak out to make a setting.

The flies tried to fool him by saying to come with them,

“To eat our foe and be fit and well.”

But the frog refused to go,

And will eat them and go.

The flies ran out as fast as possible,

And finally the frog got caught up in the act of the two flies.

The swarm of the flies,

Rushed him like a vine.

The frog went ill and finally died…….

Did you liked it? You might not. But this poem I wrote told me that ‘I can write poems!’, and after that, I’ve written many poems. That’s why, the point is, You need to start somewhere. Take the first step. When you feel an urge to do something, may be small, you just need to go and DO IT! Why is it so hard to do it?

The only way to achievement is by putting small, continuous, and true-from-heart efforts.