In my very first tale on this blog, let me tell you how this blog ACTUALLY started.


I saw him standing there waiting for me, and even a year later, it seemed the same. Those 13 days of our friendship seemed so small but the bond we made was very special.

A few days back this meeting, when I was in my room, sitting beside the window alone, I was going through some pictures. There I found a folder named WAD- ‘Workshop on Aptitude Development’. And dude! It wasn’t just a workshop, But a place where we made memories I can never forget, many many memories of friendship and Love. Going through the pictures one by one, those memories came back to me. I remembered the first day. They were asking for volunteers to come up and we were like NOO! I don’t want to! And we were hiding our faces from them. But in the midst of it, there stood up a guy. “Come up”, they said getting excited.

‘My roll no. is 88 and I’m from Gondia’, he introduced himself nervously.

And then, they disclosed what they were up to. He was gonna be Ragged! At that moment, his eyes were shouting-‘WTF!’ The thing I liked about him was that he didn’t try to run away but sportingly completed the special dance called ‘Chavanni Atthanni’ which was a complete fun. There was a crowd of 180 unknown people, if it would have been me; I know I couldn’t have done it. The first day started well and I was excited for the other 9 coming days.

The next day when I got into the bus, there he was, sitting alone. His eyes met mine with a smile on our faces. I sat beside him. We had our long talks, and there we turned into friends. An hour passed by, and there was some invisible bond that was there between us. That day went by lectures, games, lunch, pictures, and discussions on the ad campaign.

We made many friends and also checked out boys, especially the ones from the volunteers. We all girls selected a boy for each one of us. We became friends with them, took selfies and exchanged phone numbers. This was not the first WAD for me but I felt it was a whole lot different from the one I had earlier. I was enjoying it more. Truly, I only want to go back there more each time I attend it.

The best part if you ask was the shuffling of places, even the volunteers didn’t knew who is going to sit with whom and that was something new we were experiencing.

Days passed by one by one, that included 3-4 hours of sessions twice a day, group discussions, extempore, and ton of fun. And now came the 2nd last day’s night, where we had the best part; Firewalk. You have to walk on fire, literally! At first, it scared me, ‘coz I’ve  never tried it before, but I took the first step anyway. My legs were burning with every step, but I crossed it. I walked for 3 times! It was such an energetic feeling that I survived it. That I can walk through the fire in my life. It changed me, I’m a lot more confident now. After my 3rd round, I walked with him on fire. It was something different with him. Later we both had a competition of custard and we had a draw because we both knew that no one was going to let the other win. And he always thinks that he won it. There was DJ too and his dance 😀 was like he was drunk, a lot drunk. But if people would see me dance so they would think the same, so no issues with that please. After dinner we all left, we got quiet late.

The last day came and it was all formal, final GD, personal Interview. And it was time to go now, the last journey together. The last talks, yes we did knew maybe sometime our roads will meet again. And there was sadness in that goodbye smile.

The last picture of the WAD folder left there for quite a while. It was a selfie of us together took by him. We both stood simply, our arms over each other’s shoulders, as if we were Jai and Veeru. Oh! That moment, that last fun moment. It’s wonderful how these photos capture the moments in our lives, it’s like caging that feeling of love forever, even after it’s gone.

I came back to my senses, watching him in front of me brought a big smile on my face, yes, a big one. We hugged each other and then he gifted me a portrait he made of me. It was really very beautiful. That made my day. All the way from Gondia, he came to wish me Happy Birthday and to give me one more surprise.

We were in CCD, having our coffee and sharing all that happened from the last we met and after some silence, He asked me, ‘As you like reading and writing, would you like to start a blog with me?’, and he handed me a diary and told me to write all the moods, feelings and expressions in that diary.

Obviously, I loved reading, but with writing, I was a bit confused because I was not very good with that. But he have read my stories and insisted me that I can do it. When he can take so much of efforts then why not me?

I said yes.

And this is how this blog started.

Now it was time again to go back, we left first, the time we had spent felt good, really gooood.


Hey friends! I’m Mohini and what you just read was the small story of the birth of this blog. And though, what Ayush told you on his first blogpost was quite convincing, but it was just not true guys.

I hope you have enjoyed reading our posts. If you do, please write your comments below and share our site with your friends. Have fun!