Hey guys. . Back again with a new story which you are very aware of.

Some time back was just going through Youtube videos … There was a video of best friendship ad ever, and there was an ad by Airtel I think everybody knows that one.

That was ‘ jo tera hai wo mera hai , jo mera hai wo tera ‘ … I know you are singing while reading it 😁 .

We all have those BFFs in our life who we consider as our family. I have 6 of them. Yeah i know what u are thinking 6 bffs? Is she mad , its a large num , bffs are either 1 2 or max 3 and she have 6…lucky she is .

Well thats true , i m lucky to have them and yes i do consider each one of them as my family and nothing is more important than a family .

Two of them are my friend from 14 years x…long time … We dont talk everyday but when we do no one can stop that , i stay at mumbai and they are in nagpur , we meet in months and sometime an year , but that doesnt affect our friendship , when we meet it feels the same , the same school time we grew up in , the same stupid talks nothing has changed and i will make sure nothing will because they are my girls (maddy and rutu) and no one can take them frm me .

There was a line in that same ad song that was ‘ jeb teri mera kharcha ho , blog meri tera charcha ho ‘ , hearing this made me smile and i remembered him , the most buddhu and pagal friend of mine (varun ) . He is like a baby to me (not the shona baby wala baby , but the real small tiny bacha ) . And how can i forget the other one (ajinkya) , toking to him means u want to get insulted πŸ˜‰ and varun was his best prey . We three were like the best trio i thought i had . We could sit in a restaurant from breakfast time to lunch time by ordering just a coffee . The dinners i miss the most and varun in us was the one who always contributed the least and his reasons were like the name he had …BACHAπŸ˜πŸ˜‰.

About 3 year back or so i went to a workshop (WAD) (told you already about it in my last blog)  , i and my other best friend (vasudha) had a crush on a guy …took all the efforts to find his name , searched for reasons to talk to him …YES WE WERE STUPID .

One evening when we were having our dinner, i saw him serving desert and we were like … ate a million of those gulab jamun just because he was serving .

AND then we started talking and from there our friendship started.He is the most funny , mischivious person i have ever met in my life , try telling him something serious and he can turn it into something funny in a second .

His opposite is vasudha , tell her something funny and she takes it seriously. (Sare namune mere hi palle pade hai ). There is a big difference between now and the day i meet her ,  I hated her  … YES I DID.

Being the topper of the college if new girl comes in with a greater percentage then yours and making you the second topper , any one can get angry but slowly when i started knowing her i got to know she is the most (sidhi sadhi) girl i have met. But being in my company nothing is this sort can happen.


‘main aur tu se hum bane , hum se bane hum sab ‘

This line defines us … Our friendship, our love for each other , the stupidity we do together, the fun, the serious talks, funny PJs , the future planning (not the one you are thinking of 😁 ).