Teacher: What do we ask from the God of Death?

Arya: Not today. Not today.

This new wave of motivational speeches and sayings have influenced us in all walks of our lives. And with the wave has come a saying,

Live today as if its your last.

Indeed its true that life is unpredictable and we may not know when we may die, or worse, our loved ones. Accepting this truth makes us more aware about our own lives, and makes us feel conscious about the care we have got and the care we need to give to the people.

But recently, it seems some corporate and some people like us has not completely understood the true aim of this saying and are living a life in race, pressure and dissatisfaction.

It’s not the amount of money that you brag will make a difference, it’s not the number of followers you build, its not the beautiful pics you have edited for hours that matters. And not even the number of American series you have watched that will make a difference.

Difference will come when you do things that really matter. Something that brings real joy to you. Your small hobbies that you had when you were a child. Listening to good music and dancing like crazy, and what better than with your siblings! How many number of lives have you  touched?

You are living your life now. So stop worrying for the future. Stop thinking, what if this doesn’t happen,  what if things don’t work out? Just relax. ‘Coz you know what,you may not be able to do it today.

But you will do it.

Life’s only nature is it’s always changing