There were these two very close friends. Riya was a fair and modern girl, whereas Shruti was a simple average looking girl. And one day, they had this memorable conversation. 

Shruti: I would never ever apply makeup.

Riya: Why? It’s not that bad. You feel confident when you look good. 

Shruti: Please Riya, don’t try to convince me again. I told you my confidence does not rely on outer beauty and appreciations from others. 

Riya: Shruti. I ve had so many boyfriends. Tell me, why are you still single?

Shruti: You answered it yourself. No offence but you never had a long true relationship because all those morons go for your looks, they don’t even care what you really are inside. I don’t want those kind of boys. 

Riya: (😐trying not to feel sad). So what kind of a boy do you want? 

Shruti: One who can see the purity of my heart, who finds interest in finding my personality, my capabilities, my dreams. 

Riya: Then you would have to find a boy from another planet 😂. 

Shruti: Dont be so pessimistic Riya. Good boys still exists. 

Riya: Never mind. See Shruti you are good from heart, but no one would even try to see it unless you look good. People judge the book by its cover you know. 

Shruti:(after some thought). That’s only true when you are not buying it. In real, when you go buy a book, you go through its pages, and only then decide to make it yours. Tell me, isn’t that so?


Life’s strange in all of its aspects, and so are people. You can never tell by a person’s face what problems they are going through. Trust me, I was judgemental too, but after I heard those people’s stories, I cursed myself for thinking wrong of them. Everyone is moulded according to the situations they have faced. Everyone is beautiful, in there own way

Thats why I say, don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Go through it’s pages.