Have u ever imagined giving someone  years of your life and love and the other person abandons you for a new relationship again? She wanted to ask this question to everyone she knew.
Him – Hey come let’s go and have beer. As we met like after MONTHS!

Her– Perfectly fine by me.

Him– BUT there is a deal. You will have to pay, I won’t. That’s a punishment for you for not meeting me for so long.

Her – That’s not fair , I just came here for you and you are saying this. And by the way we had a deal of chicken fried rice of your style then from where beer came in the picture?

Him – Include that also , I generally don’t drink with everyone but really want that memory with YOU .
(Their eyes were intact with each other and had a smile on their faces )
Her (blushing) – Stop looking at me like that, your girlfriend will not like it .

Him – I don’t care, I just care that you will leave tomorrow, I just care for the moment we are having now. I just care for you…

I do respect her . I can’t leave her because she was there when I was alone, she helped me with everything, she was the pillar for me .

Her – And what was I?

Him – Please can we not talk about this again?

Her – Sure (taking deep breath) … But you can’t always run from this.

Him– Let’s go.

Her – Ok.

They started walking on the lonely path with no idea where it ends. They had their beer and the best talk , forgetting everything but just each other.

It felt as if

“They wanted to be with each other but also didn’t want to.”

Him – Should I share something with  you?

Her – You don’t have to ask me.

Him – ( had tears in his eyes )

For sometime she was quite, her eyes on him  … She knew him from in and out, she knew why there were tears in his eyes, why he was afraid.

Her – What happened?

Him– Nothing.

Her – You can say whatever you have in your heart to me.

Him – I know, that is why I am afraid to lose you,


To me you are the one whom I could share everything and in my opinion that’s the best person one can be to somebody.. because you can share only when you feel like you can.. it is a really big thing for me.. bond of eyes doesn’t go but bond of heart gets shattered because of our thinking and feelings, whenever there are expectations there is pain and I don’t want that between us.

Her – She kept quiet and just hugged him and said “I am there for you always”..

Some months later ….
Her – You broke up?

Him – Yes

Her – Why?

Him – She wanted me to stop talking to you, and I cannot do that, again.

I cannot choose someone over you, again .

I cannot leave you, again.

I just cannot.

And she doesn’t understand this, so had to breakup.

Her – Why can’t you?

Him – What? Why can’t I what ?

Her – Stop talking to me?!

Him – You want me to?

Her – I never wanted that, but you already did it once, then why not again. She is your girlfriend.

Him – I can’t do that.

Her – I can ☺️.


She hugged him tight … They both had tears in their eyes.

She walked away.

She didn’t stop, he didn’t try to  …AGAIN.


Hey guys, sorry for posting so late … Do let me know did she do the right thing by leaving him or not? Eagerly waiting for your response ☺️.