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Self-reflection is good. It makes me feel complete. In Mumbai, where there is so much to see, one may get lost in its charm.


She remembered….

She was a type of girl who never wanted to turn back just because she was afraid to see what was coming to her ... To see her love stabbing her back .. To see her trust breaking ... She... Continue Reading →


Him: I cannot choose someone over you, again . I cannot leave you, again. I just cannot. Her: I can.

The way to exams- A thought changing talk.

“Life is simple. Don’t make it complicated. Do one thing at a time.” He said and washed out my worries. Who was he who said this?

Let’s talk about ideas. 

Ideas are like small kids. They keep talking to us all the time. They tell us things this and that; question us everything. If we talk them back, they get encoura...


....I ve had so many boyfriends. Tell me, why are you still single?


As it's  the start of a new year make it worth it , make resolutions and yes follow it , complete it. Some of my resolutions on this year are  losing weight (Don't laugh😅 , already started working for it... Continue Reading →

You are not going to die today.

It's not the amount of money that you brag will make a difference. Difference will come when you do things that really matter. Something that brings real joy to you.

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